How To Get Noticed In Hollywood Before You're In Hollywood - Brent Pope




This workshop will explore things you can do to get noticed by Hollywood, even if you’re far from sunny California (like on a dairy farm in Tecumseh, for example).

Creating a web-series, doing a podcast, effectively using social media, doing self-tape auditions, knowing your strengths, making yourself a more versatile creator, being more efficient, thinking outside the box. All of those topics will be covered, all while Brent weaves in personal stories of working with some of Hollywood’s biggest names.


Brent Pope is a Filipino-American actor, writer, and comedian from Tecumseh, Nebraska. He is best known for his roles on Silicon Valley, Roseanne, Speechless, and Better Things. He also hosts the Brentfast with Brent Pope podcast. Brent lives in Los Angeles with his wife and a menagerie of pets. They may soon band together in an Animal Farm type situation. We'll see.