**SOLD OUT** Mve Dat Ass




We all have bodies. They are incredible things and yet we spend a lot of time not moving them. Rooted in physical theater we will move, play and get out of our heads and into our bodies. Great if you love to move, better if you don’t. Come give voice to that thing you live inside all the time. This workshop is highly experiential: dress comfortably and bring water. There will be sweat.


Anděl Sudik is a director, improviser, actor and writer based in L.A. and Chicago. Trained at iO (then Improv Olympic) she went on to tour with The Second City and was a cast member in the Jeff Award award winning Second City ETC revue “We’re All in this Room Together”. She is an alum of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, Comedy Central News The Netherlands, NCL ships and has traveled the world performing and teaching workshops.


is a faculty member of the Second City Training Center programs; A-E,

Conservatory, Advanced and Teen and Youth program and has taught her

workshops all over the world (The Improv Shop St. Louis, Monkey Business

Institute Madison, OLLIE Northwestern, CLIP U of C, Never-ending Fest

Bucharest, Sofia Bulgaria, Dublin, OKC, The Improv Retreat, WI, NOLA,

Improv Utopia East, etc.)